The Art of Making

The Art of Making Adra Soap

A maker of soaps, like other craftspeople, understands the importance of selecting high-grade materials and tools, and insuring that both work well with one another. The inherent benefits of any material can be all but lost when treated improperly.

We begin with spring water, edible-grade palm oil and a small amount of edible-grade coconut oil. Or, olive oil. Our cold-pour processing method retains the valuable vitamins and minerals that would be otherwise lost in a conventional machine-processed soap. If palm and coconut oils compose the body of Adra Soap, essential oils give our soap its personality and many gentle cleansing properties, and most importantly, its natural scent. As the perfect complement, our soaps are scented with exquisite combinations of the finest plant-derived essential oils. The soap is then air-cured, resulting in a jewel of a long-lasting bar of soap. This lengthy, labor-intensive process utilizes no machines and no artificial ingredients whatsoever.
Soap like this is a rarity, and a joy to use.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a plant’s most precious commodity, its vital force, its “soul”. The aromatic properties of essential oils have long been recognized by many cultures and are credited with a wealth of therapeutic effects, including reducing tension, relieving headaches and stimulating circulation.  Essential oils may feel like a luxury, but they are really the most natural things you can do for the health of your skin, and the tranquility of your mind. Extracting essential oils is a painstaking process and century-old methods of pressing, distillation and effleurage continue to be used. A 22-pound bushel of Rosemary yields roughly one-third ounce of this delicate nectar.

Understanding Essential Oils

Plant Origin Skin Type Properties
Geranium Europe and Asia All types, dehydrated, mature. Astringent, toning, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
Lavender France All types, blemished, chapped, mature. Anti-bacterial, deodorizing, antiseptic, calming.
Sweet Orange Florida Oily, sensitive, tired. Astringent, stimulating, relaxing.
Patchouli Indonesia, China, Madagascar Chapped, Acne, Mature. Aphrodisiac, disinfectant, rejuvenating, relaxing.
Rosemary Morocco, Spain All types, blemished, oily, tired. Astringent, antiseptic, stimulates tissue circulation.
Rosewood Brazil Dry, normal Antibacterial, slightly toning, deodorizing.
Ylang Ylang Comoro Islands, Madagascar All types. Balancing, aphrodisiac relaxing.

Adra Soap uses only the purest essential oils, not those cut or adulterated with inferior oils or chemicals.


As a company, our goal extends beyond making superior soap. We embrace the responsibility of conducting ecologically minded business, of packaging with recycled materials, and designing our displays to minimize waste. In fact, our shipping boxes double as display units. Because Adra Natural Soaps owe their goodness to the goodness of nature, we feel that it’s only natural to be doing all we can for the environment.