We appreciate all the great testimonials we have received.

Please read below what some of our loyal customers have said about Adra soap.

“I just wanted you to know that I love using your Green Tea and Lime soap . I was just amazed at the amount of dirt came off of me. I’ve never seen so much grime after bathing. It made me wonder if I have been walking around not so clean. Thanks!”

~ D. Ward

“The soap is just incredible. A friend told me about this and gave me a bar. I couldn’t believe how great my skin feels. Since using this soap, I haven’t had to use lotion. My skin is so incredibly soft.”

~ K. Danielle

“I love the lavender soap . It smells wonderful and is just amazing.”

~ M. Farah

“I gave the Adra soap to a club I belong for Christmas. Everyone called me to say how much everyone is enjoying this soap.”

~ R. Freij

“I was wondering how I could order your soap???? I am so happy you have made a decision to sell your product over the internet. Your process and natural approach truly impressed me. I love your soap, my hands never feel dry, and the only store I know who has your soap is fairly far away from my home…………we have really hard, hard water……..your product is beautiful……………thank you for keeping your standards of quality at the highest possible.”

~ Susanne Spirit

“I recently purchased several bars of your Amaretto-Vanilla soap which I gave to friends as gifts. I have received many compliments and would like to purchase more. I would really like some more Amaretto-Vanilla.”


“A friend gave me a bar of your soap at Christmas. I love this soap. Where can I purchase some more? The one I received is the Turkish Bath Sandalwood , but from your web site, I see several others I would like to try.”

~ Rennie Breeding

“I received one of your soaps, the Orange Flower & Lavender , in a gift set and I love it!”

~ Tiffany

“I absolutely love your soaps and what they have done to my skin. It feels rejuvenated, soft, and younger. PLEASE keep up your quality.”

~ Chris

“I really wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using the .. It is my favorite. It has helped my oily skin so much. Thank you! I received the soaps in two days and I live in Iowa. A friend recommended the soap and I called and got my shipment quickly. The Ylang Ylang is just wonderful. I feel so invigorated and relaxed at the same time when I use this soap. Sincerely,”

~ Monica

“I really had to let you know how much I love your soap. Amazing, what a difference it has made to my life!! Thank you so much.”

~ Donna

“I cannot believe that my blemishes are now gone. The lavender soap has made me a new person. Thank you so so much.”

~ Kimmie

“I am so impressed with your soap products. Every time I think I have a favorite, you come up with a new product that I just love. I really love them all but now especiallyPatchouli.”

~ Marabeth

“How pleased I was to come home from an especially long hard day at work and find my order waiting for me! I am impressed by everything! Each one of the people who are special to me are getting little fun things this year. After seeing first hand the quality of your product you can be sure that they will find a bar of your soap tucked into their gifts. Please keep up the good work … everything is first rate!”

~ Susan

“I got my soap order today. Thanks for the quick shipment!! I can’t wait to try the all. The smell is just incredible. Thanks.”

~ Giovanna

“I now appreciate the difference of a hand made soap. I feel incredible! I just love your products, the smell of each different flavor, the feel of my skin.”

~ Paula

“Thank you for the fast shipment of soaps. I have been using your products for over three years and will never change, so please don’t compromise your quality. Faithful user,”

~ Leann