Why should I switch to handmade soap?
Most commercially available soaps are produced from tallow and other fats plus a variety of texture driven synthetic compounds and artificial fragrances and preservatives that are mixed and brought to boil at high temperature to achieve the saponification process. Glycerin, a byproduct of the soap making process and a natural moisturizer for the skin, is isolated and removed during this process. The Glycerin is leveraged for re-use in high-end beauty care products. This enormous loss is one of the reasons why a commercial soap tends to dry the skin deeming it necessary to use a moisturizer.
How do you make your handmade soap?
We begin with spring water, edible-grade palm oil and a small amount of edible-grade coconut oil. Our cold-pour processing method retains the valuable vitamins and minerals that would be otherwise lost in a conventional machine-processed soap. As a result, the glycerin produced during the saponification reaction is naturally integrated to produce a gentle moisture rich soap bar. As the perfect complement, our soaps are scented with exquisite combinations of the finest plant-derived essential oils. The soap is then air-cured, resulting in a jewel of a long-lasting bar of soap.
What you don’t find in Adra soap?
No detergents. No rendered animal fat. No artificial preservatives. No hydrogenated oils. And, no petroleum products. All of our products are cruelty free and are derived from 100% pure vegetable oils.
Why is it more costly to produce handmade vs. commercial soaps?
There are many reasons why handmade soaps cost more to produce than commercial soaps; mainly the cost of material and the time and labor involved in producing a handmade soap. Naturally, natural ingredients used in handmade soap are more expensive than synthetic ingredients used in mass-produced commercial soaps. The cost per soap bar will be even higher when the finest natural ingredients are used such is the case with each and every Adra soap bar. Furthermore, the labor-intensive cold-pour process coupled with the lengthy air-curing process to deliver a long lasting bar of soap contribute to the higher cost. But after all, isn’t your skin care worth the natural excellence found in our soap bars.
Which soap should I use for sensitive skin?
Sweet orange.
Which soap shall I use for dry skin?
How to care for my Adra soap bar?
In order to gain maximum usage and performance from Adra soap bar, keep soap in a dry place and away from direct sun light. Soap will dissolve faster if left in a puddle of water.
How can I order Adra soap product?
We can announce out loud that we’re opening soon our online shop and website! Our online soap shop is set to launch this month! The new and improved store launches June 1